Thor Power StormSwitch™


Thor Power StormSwitch™ is a user-friendly and safe way to connect a portable generator to your grid-tied facility. It lets you switch between utility, generator, or load bank power sources with ease. It is ideal for businesses that need to keep running during power outages.

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Thor Power StormSwitch™ is a reliable and safe solution for connecting a portable generator to your grid-tied facility in case of a power outage. It features a service entrance rated permanent connection point, a user-friendly design with safety-interlocked door and dead front panel, color-coded cam-style receptacles, and circuit breaker disconnects. It is suitable for use as service equipment and UL 1008 listed. It also comes with an optional TripleSwitch feature that allows you to switch between three power sources: utility, generator, or load bank. Thor Power StormSwitch™ is ideal for businesses that need to maintain their operations during natural disasters or other emergencies. It is available in four series with different amperage ratings and enclosure options. Watch the operation video and view the spec sheets to learn more about this product and how it can help you protect your business from power disruptions.


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stormswitchThor Power StormSwitch™
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