The Ultimate Emergency Electricity Solution for Any Situations..

Delivering excellent full-service emergency power solutions for clients who suffer from power outages caused by natural disasters.

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About Us

Thor Power is more than just a company that offers emergency electricity solutions. It is a company that was built in Texas by veterans who understand the importance of being prepared for any situation. Whether it’s a storm, a blackout, or a natural disaster, Thor Power can provide you with clean and reliable electricity that will keep your home or business running smoothly. Thor Power is not only dedicated to meeting your emergency electricity needs, but also to exceeding your expectations.

Why Choose Us


We have a team of certified and trained technicians who can handle any power challenge.


We offer a range of services and products to meet your specific power needs and preferences.


We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure your power system is reliable and efficient.


We value your trust and satisfaction. We offer free consultations, site assessments, and quotes.

Client Testimonials

“Thor Power has been a reliable and efficient partner for our energy needs. Their generators are easy to install and maintain, and they provide clean and sustainable power for our remote operations.”
Sophia Grace
“We are very happy with Thor Power’s products and services. They have helped us reduce our carbon footprint and save money on our energy bills. Their customer support is also excellent and responsive.”
James Smith
“Thor Power is a leader in the field of renewable energy. Their generators are innovative and powerful, and they can adapt to any environment and situation. They have made a positive impact on our community and the planet.”
Alice Johnson

Why You Need Thor Power’s Customized and Flexible Emergency Electricity Services

Power outages and disasters can happen at any time and cause serious problems for your home or business. That’s why you need Thor Power’s customized and flexible emergency electricity services. We can design and install a power system that meets your specific needs and preferences. Whether you need a backup generator, a mobile generator, a transfer switch, or a diesel delivery service, we can provide it for you. With Thor Power, you can rest assured that your power system is reliable and efficient.

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