Thor Power Solutions Thor Power offers emergency power evaluations, critical infrastructure upgrades, new construction enhancements and dependable urgent power when natural disasters strike. In these harsh environments, operating without electricity is unthinkable. Preparing client locations before the storm is essential. The combination of pre-disaster preparation and industrial-grade equipment designed to withstand extreme conditions ensures that Thor Power clients have the electricity needed to continue operations despite disaster.


The emergency power requirements are not uniform across different clients. The optimal method to ascertain the precise power needs for each case is to conduct a consultation with Thor Power and subsequently arrange an on-site assessment.

At Thor Power, we offer a complimentary consultation as the first step. This is an opportunity for you to learn about the advantages of having an emergency power policy and a disaster preparedness plan. You will also receive an overview of our services and the associated costs. This will help you to determine the best course of action for your needs.

The next step is to conduct a Thor Power Assessment Findings Report (AFR). This is a comprehensive on-site inspection that evaluates the scope and costs of the project. It is similar to a real estate appraisal and provides you with valuable information.

Thor Power has a range of options to suit different situations. However, not every option is appropriate for every client. The AFR eliminates the guesswork. It gives you a detailed breakdown of costs, equipment requirements and return on investment. This enables you to make a confident decision


After the assessment is done, the building needs to be prepared for emergency power. The electrical infrastructure needs to be enhanced to support grid or generator power. Thor Power has the expertise and experience to handle these tasks efficiently and safely.

The emergency power infrastructure is the link between the generator and the building. Depending on the application, the connection can be either a manual transfer switch, an automatic transfer switch or both.

The manual transfer switch is suitable when a permanent generator installation is not needed. For many locations, the flexibility to connect a mobile generator to the building when required is ideal. StormSwitch™ is designed specifically for this purpose. Once installed, the mobile generator can be easily connected and the building can resume its normal operations within a few minutes. StormSwitch™ combines simplicity, safety and affordability to make it the best choice and value for manual generator operation.

Watch the StormSwitch™ Operation Video

The automatic transfer switch (ATS) is appropriate when a permanent generator installation is needed. For locations that demand uninterrupted power, the automatic transfer switch detects power loss and automatically switches from the grid to the generator within a few seconds. Thor Power works with multiple ATS manufacturers. We can help you choose the best ATS option for your needs based on size, functionality and price.

In some cases, both a StormSwitch™ and an automatic transfer switch are needed. Locations with essential/emergency devices that require continuous service may have a small permanently installed generator with an automatic transfer switch to run those devices exclusively. In case of a power outage, essential/emergency devices will remain functional while the larger mobile generator is being delivered. Once the mobile generator arrives, it is connected to the StormSwitch™. The smaller generator is bypassed and the entire building is powered up.

These scenarios demonstrate the versatility of Thor Power end-to-end solutions. This second step in the Thor Power process ensures that all options have been evaluated, the appropriate infrastructure enhancements have been completed and the building is prepared to use the emergency generator when necessary. The Thor Power proactive approach replaces crisis responses with confidence.


Choosing the right generator for your building is a complex process that requires expert guidance. Thor Power provides the decision-support tools you need to make the optimal choice. With Thor Power, you can be confident that you are getting the best generator for your situation.

Thor Power is committed to providing end-to-end emergency power solutions. The Assessment Findings Report (AFR) provides the essential data needed to determine the generator voltage and output requirements. It is important to properly size the generator for each location. Typically, it is not advisable to operate a generator below 50% capacity or above 85%. However, since the generator will only be used for emergency service, it will be operating continuously for relatively short periods of time. This allows a unit to operate below 50% capacity without the risk of damage. Once the unit is taken out of emergency service, weekly exercising at normal loads eliminate any potential short-term adverse effects caused by low load operation.

Generators vary in quality and efficiency. There are many factors to consider when selecting an emergency generator. Basic knowledge provides a starting point, such as 1800 RPM, liquid cooled, etc., but it does not account for the site conditions. In many cases, generators are oversized to compensate for this lack of knowledge. The client may opt for a natural gas or propane fueled generator in some cases. However, a diesel generator is recommended in most cases. A natural gas unit can last up to 10 years without major repairs. A diesel unit can last 20 – 30 years without major repairs. Of course, proper service and maintenance are required to achieve these expected life spans.

The goal of Thor Power is to provide clients with decision-support tools necessary to make the best long-term emergency generator decision. Thor Power Generator Pool units are designed by Thor Power engineers and built in the USA. Custom designed and built generators are also available to clients for purchase.

Note:  It is essential to maintain an emergency generator properly so that it functions reliably when needed. Many owners neglect ongoing maintenance. Many generators have not been load bank tested since they left the factory. Either condition can and eventually will result in equipment failure. A common analogy is a boat that does not run when launched. Using it a few times a year is not sufficient to keep it in optimal condition. STORAGE DOES NOT EQUAL MAINTENANCE. The same applies to generators. They must be serviced, exercised and maintained by an experienced generator technician to ensure proper operation when needed.

Don’t Let a Blackout Ruin Your Day. Choose Thor Power for Renewable and Reliable Energy

Don’t let a power outage stop your business from thriving. Contact Thor Power today and discover how we can help you harness the power of renewable energy. We offer the best services in the market, tailored to your needs and preferences. You can choose from our wide range of products, or opt for our flexible and affordable pricing plans that suit your budget. Plus, we provide a host of services that can make your life easier, such as site assessment, installation, service, maintenance, diesel delivery, and branding. With Thor Power, you can enjoy reliable and efficient power in any situation.

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