Electricity in spite of disaster

“We need to be proactive before the next hurricane strikes, and we can’t wait for the federal government to take care of our citizens after a disaster.

Rep. Sylvester Turner (D-Houston)

"As far as room for improvement on the state side, getting power to schools was the biggest challenge. This was complicated by problems with communication in afflicted areas, as land lines and even cell towers were destroyed by the storm. The Texas Education Agency is looking into obtaining satellite phones, to ensure robust communication during future emergencies. Looking forward, the agency should look at getting emergency power generators for districts to minimize the time between power loss and restoration."

Dr. Ray Glenn -Texas Education Agency

In the wake of Hurricane Ike, an estimated 20 percent of the water systems that serve more than seven million people in the affected region were out of services for various periods of time. Among the 85 percent of the water-related retail utilities that were in compliance with the current rules of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requiring them to have auxiliary generators in the event of an emergency, 25 percent of such generators failed to function or ran out of fuel. More than a week after the storm, there were at least 250,000 residents without water and an additional 625,000 others whose service status could not be determined due to poor communications planning and requirements. Continuation of water service in emergency situations, such as Hurricane Ike, is vital to public health and is often a key to survival when other resources such as electricity are either severely limited or completely absent.


C.H.S.B. 632 Analysis


Government Applications

Every government building should have the capability to utilize emergency power in the event of a disaster.  A Thor Power site assessment and the installation of a StomSwitch will enable each building and utility to convert from grid power to generator power quickly. 

Natural disasters do not discriminate.   Loss of power shuts down potential shelters, command posts, and water districts.  The Thor Power emergency infrastructure upgrade ensures that these government entities have the ability to continue critical operations in spite of disaster.

Deadlines vary, but Federal and State grant programs may assist local emergency management departments and public utilities in funding the assessment, purchase and installation of StormSwitch switchgear and Thor Power generators.  It is important to be aware of these programs and to make effective use of them to prepare facilities for power outages when storms strike.  Let Thor Power work with you to prepare required applications for these programs.

Government officials have identified the overwhelming need for emergency power caused by outages due to major storms.  Thor Power implements the solution in simple steps.  Solutions cannot be implemented over night, but preparation can begin now.  If your facility is not equipped with a StormSwitch™ or if you are not sure, contact Thor Power today. 

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