Electricity in spite of disaster


Thor Power services are built around a simple concept - electricity in spite of disaster. 
The Thor Power approach provides the opportunity for all businesses to benefit regardless of their current stage of emergency preparedness.  Unique to Thor Power is the ability to develop end-to-end solutions for companies that do not yet have an established emergency power plan as well as to fill gaps for those with a partial plan in place.  The combination of site assessment expertise, state of the art equipment and logistic controls make Thor Power the first choice in electricity-loss mitigation.

Thor Power services include:

  • Comprehensive site assessments and consultations
  • StormSwitch and TripleSwitch sales and installation
  • Thor Power build to spec emergency generators
  • Mobile generator storage and maintenance
  • Thor Power Generator Pool
  • On-site generator service and maintenance
  • Generator delivery and pick-up
  • Diesel delivery to Thor Power clients
  • Fleet Generator Branding 

For new construction -

The most economical approach to ready a building for emergency is power is in the design stage.  A StormSwitch is an asset to any building.  When added to the building specifications, StormSwitch creates a win/win for the building owner and potential tenant or buyer. 

Thor Power Generator Pool -

For some businesses, purchasing an emergency generator is not a viable option.  Whether the upfront expense, the responsibility and cost of annual service and maintenance, the need for a secure storage facility, the liability of ownership or a combination of all four can present an unwanted burden.  The Thor Power Generator Pool was created with these businesses in mind.  Once the AFR is completed and the StormSwitch is installed, clients may qualify to participate in the Thor Power Generator Pool.  Monthly dues ensure that when a disaster strikes, a properly sized, well maintained generator is standing at the ready to be delivered as soon as conditions allow.  Pool generators, unlike those offered by equipment rental companies, are used exclusively for post disaster service by Generator Pool members.The Generator Pool is available to single location businesses requiring 125KW or less.  Businesses and government entities with multiple locations are considered for the Fleet Pool on a case by case basis.  Fleet Pool generators are for the exclusive use of a single business or government agency with multiple locations.  Each Fleet Pool generator is custom wrapped with the company logo and advertising creating a mobile billboard.  Fleet Pool generators are not restricted to post disaster use.  As part of a company's ad campaign, customers will know that the business will be open to serve after the disaster strikes.


Thor Power Generator Farm -

The advantages of utilizing mobile emergency generators are many.  They are deployable when needed and securely stored out of harms way when they are not.  The Thor Power Generator Farm is the ideal storage facility.  It is home base for Thor Power Generator Pool units and client owned units alike.  The storage contract includes annual service and maintenance.  All residents of the Generator Farm are exercised weekly and load teste annually  to maintain peak performance.  Any necessary repairs are performed on site. 

Thor Power continues to fine-tune and expand services to meet the growing needs of our clients.  Electricity cannot be taken for granted after a natural disaster.  Businesses cannot open without electricity.  Your initial Thor Power consultation is free, so take advantage of it. In the mean time, download a copy of the Disaster Preparedness Plan and complete it.  It can be the difference in organization and chaos during a disaster and it is also free. 

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Best practices begin with the best equipment.

  • StormSwitch™

    The critical link between your business and emergency power is the Storm Switch. The ideal solution for emergency generator connection to grid-tied facilities, StormSwitch provides pluggable connectors and a service entrance rated manual transfer switch allowing a quick, safe generator hook-up and operation for any building.
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    Thor Power generators are built to the highest standards. They have to be. There is no room for error in an emergency.  20+ years of emergency power manufacturing and 30+ years of service and maintenance experience drive our manufacturing process.
Thor Power is...
Thor Power is Texas-built, veteran owned, and dedicated to meeting the emergency electricity needs, not if, but when disaster strikes.