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Emergency Power Infrastructure

The emergency power infrastructure is the connection between the generator and the building.  Depending on the application, the connection is either a manual transfer switch, an automatic transfer switch or both. 

The manual transfer switch is used when a permanent generator installation is not required.  For many locations, the ability to connect a mobile generator to the building when needed is ideal.  StormSwitch is designed specifically for this application.  Once installed, the mobile generator is quickly connected and the building is back in business within a few minutes.  Ease of installation combined with simple safe operation makes StormSwitch the best choice and value for manual generator operation. 
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The automatic transfer switch (ATS) is used when a permanent generator installation is required.  For locations that require uninterrupted power, the automatic transfer switch senses power loss and automatically switches from the grid to the generator within a few seconds.  Thor Power works with multiple ATS manufacturers.  Size, functionality and price determine which ATS options are available for each client.

In some cases, a StormSwitch™ and an automatic transfer switch are required.  Locations with essential/emergency devices that require uninterrupted service may have a small permanently installed generator with an automatic transfer switch to run those devices exclusively.  In the event of a power outage, essential/emergency devices are functional while the larger mobile generator is being delivered.  Once the mobile generator arrives, it is connected to the StormSwitch.  The smaller generator is bypassed and the entire building is powered up.  

Each of these scenarios illustrate the flexibility of Thor Power end-to-end solutions.  This second step in the Thor Power process ensures that all options have been considered, the proper infrastructure upgrades have been implemented and the building is ready to utilize the emergency generator when it is needed.  The Thor Power proactive approach replaces crises reactions with peace of mind.           

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Best practices begin with the best equipment.

  • StormSwitch™

    The critical link between your business and emergency power is the Storm Switch. The ideal solution for emergency generator connection to grid-tied facilities, StormSwitch provides pluggable connectors and a service entrance rated manual transfer switch allowing a quick, safe generator hook-up and operation for any building.
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    Thor Power generators are built to the highest standards. They have to be. There is no room for error in an emergency.  20+ years of emergency power manufacturing and 30+ years of service and maintenance experience drive our manufacturing process.
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