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Emergency Generator Power

Thor Power is dedicated to provide end-to-end emergency power solutions.  The Assessment Findings Report (AFR) provides the critical data necessary to determine the generator voltage and output requirements.  It is important to properly size the generator for each location.  Typically, it is not healthy to operate a generator below 50% capacity or above 85%.  However, since the generator will only be used for emergency service, it will be continuously operating for relatively short periods of time.  This allows a unit to operate below 50% capacity without the risk of damage.  Once the unit is taken out of emergency service, weekly exercising at normal loads eliminate any potential short-term adverse effects caused by low load operation.  

Like any piece of equipment, generators come in different levels of quality and efficiency.  There are many considerations when selecting an emergency generator.  Basic knowledge allows a starting point, 1800 RPM, liquid cooled, etc., but it leaves the buyer at the mercy of a sales representative that is not familiar with site conditions.  In many cases generators are oversized to compensate for this lack of knowledge.  The client may choose a natural gas or propane fueled generator in some cases.  A diesel generator is recommended in most cases.   A natural gas unit should last up to 10 years without major repairs.  A diesel unit can be expected to last 20 - 30 years without major repairs.  Of course, proper service and maintenance is required to reach these expected life spans.

IMPORTANT!!!  An emergency generator is an asset only if it functions properly when it is needed.  It is not uncommon for owners to overlook ongoing maintenance.  Many generators have not been load bank tested since they left the factory.  Either condition can and eventually will result in equipment failure.  How many times have you seen someone launch their boat to find out it would not run.  Using it a few times a year is not adequate to keep it in optimal condition.  STORAGE DOES NOT EQUAL MAINTENANCE.  The same applies to generators.  They must be fed, exercised and maintained by an experienced generator tech to ensure proper operation when needed.

The goal of Thor Power is to ensure that clients are presented with decision-assist tools necessary to make the most informed long-term emergency generator decision.     

Thor Power Generator Pool units are designed by Thor Power engineers and built in the USA.  Custom designed and built generators are also available to clients for purchase.   

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