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Thor Power Emergency Generators

The power behind Thor Power is our design to spec generators.   
In other words, we are not simply a generator distributor that relies on your expertise to tell us what you think you need.  The Thor Power process is a collaborative effort that involves each client in the decision making process.  A simple series of data gathering procedures defines sizing, voltage and options necessary to best meet the needs and expectations each client.  Establishing scope and costs up front is vital to arriving at the best available solution for each application.  In some cases, purchasing a generator is not the best option.  Many small businesses cannot commit to investing the significant capital needed to purchase a sufficiently powerful generator.  For these clients the Thor Power Generator Pool is the perfect solution.  Exclusively developed and offered by Thor Power, the Generator Pool is ideal for companies that want power restored without the maintenance, repair, storage, insurance, and upfront costs associated with generator ownership.

Once your generator specifications have been determined, options have been presented and the decisions have been made, you will receive a final build sheet and pricing for review.  This quality and control measure ensures that orders are correct while providing the opportunity for final modifications prior to scheduling your generator to be built.  Post-order changes can be costly and will delay lead time.  

Thor Power offers generators to 500KW.  The quality that goes into each client purchased generator is mirrored by those built for the Thor Power Generator Pool, a membership service that stores, services, delivers, fuels and picks up generators after a disaster strikes.  The Thor Power Generator Pool is the ultimate testament to the quality and durability built into every Thor Power Generator.  We look forward to building an emergency generator for you.

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Best practices begin with the best equipment.

  • StormSwitch™

    The critical link between your business and emergency power is the Storm Switch. The ideal solution for emergency generator connection to grid-tied facilities, StormSwitch provides pluggable connectors and a service entrance rated manual transfer switch allowing a quick, safe generator hook-up and operation for any building.
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    Thor Power generators are built to the highest standards. They have to be. There is no room for error in an emergency.  20+ years of emergency power manufacturing and 30+ years of service and maintenance experience drive our manufacturing process.
Thor Power is...
Thor Power is Texas-built, veteran owned, and dedicated to meeting the emergency electricity needs, not if, but when disaster strikes.