Electricity in spite of disaster

Emergency Power Assessment

The introduction to Thor Power begins with a free consultation.  It is important for potential clients to review the features, advantages and benefits of implementing an emergency power policy and developing a disaster preparedness plan.  An overview of Thor Power services and a range of related costs are presented giving prospective clients the opportunity to establish the best plan of action. 

Once an action plan is established, a Thor Power Assessment Findings Report (AFR) is prepared.  Similar in format to a real estate appraisal, the AFR includes a detailed on-site inspection to determine scope and costs of the project.  

Thor Power services offer a wide range of options. Every option is not suitable for every client.  The value of Thor Power is realized with the AFR review.  The guess work is taken out of the process.  Costs are itemized, equipment needs are clarified and return on investment can be calculated.  Finally, a well informed decision can be made.

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Best practices begin with the best equipment.

  • StormSwitch™

    The critical link between your business and emergency power is the Storm Switch. The ideal solution for emergency generator connection to grid-tied facilities, StormSwitch provides pluggable connectors and a service entrance rated manual transfer switch allowing a quick, safe generator hook-up and operation for any building.
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    Thor Power generators are built to the highest standards. They have to be. There is no room for error in an emergency.  20+ years of emergency power manufacturing and 30+ years of service and maintenance experience drive our manufacturing process.
Thor Power is...
Thor Power is Texas-built, veteran owned, and dedicated to meeting the emergency electricity needs, not if, but when disaster strikes.